Top Secret Operation Rainmaker
March 29th 1990. Bates Number: 2048302227/2230.
Memorandum From Philip Morris Employee to Philip Morris Counsel and Philip Morris Employee Containing Information Requested by Philip Morris Counsel Regarding Joint Defense Research
November 17th 1978. Seligman, R.B. Philip Morris. Bates: 1003718428-1003718432
Industry research
June 24th 1974. Spears, A.W. C. H. Judge. Bates Number: 95539631/9635.
Research Planning Memorandum on Some Thoughts About New Brands of Cigarettes for the Youth Market
February 2nd 1973. Teague, Claude E; Bates Number: 502987407/7418
Surgeon General's Report (letter to Joseph F. Cullman III)
January 29th 1964. Weissman, George; Bates: 1005038559/8561.
Implications of Battelle Hippo I & II and the Griffith Filter
July 17th 1963. Addison Yeaman; Bates Number: 2074459290/9294


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